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We cover the Sierra Leonean and African communities at home and abroad

Our mission:
Connecting Africans in Diaspora to continental Africans.
Tell your story we will polish it to impact many more.
This is the platform to promote your business, social events, and send unspoken messages across the Globe.
We participate in recognition and promotion of our talented youths.

5 good reasons to advertise in Calabash magazine
CALABASH MAGAZINE is the solution to grassroots marketing. Advertising in CALABASH
MAGAZINE guarantees that your company will reach the African/ Afro-Caribbean /African-American/African
European markets directly.
CALABASH MAGAZINE changes the perception of how African /Afro-Caribbean’s
/African-European /African-Americans are seen by staying true to our culture,
style, lifestyle and focusing our editorial on the core aspects of Africa and
her people in the Homeland and in the Diaspora.
CALABASH MAGAZINE gives you the ability to hit five major markets -- Business, Education,
Culture, Sports and Social -- with just one advertisement.
CALABASH MAGAZINE features a larger format (10" x 13") than most other
magazines, so your ad is bigger.
CALABASH MAGAZINE has a longer street life, longer-lasting retention value, more
competitive rates and reaches a larger audience than many other advertising
avenues available.

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